Randy Savage – Official Audio

I’m off the top rope/ you can call it Randy savage/ I’m off the top rope/ you can call me Randy savage/ I’m of the top/ I’m off the top/ I’m off the top, like macho man/ I’m off the top rope/ you can call it Randy savage/

I’m off the top, call it macho man/ this here ain’t for the average man/ my message got em flippin like an acrobat/ my god callin plays he the quarterback/ hear it, see it, record all that/ i plan to stay, private Ryan maaaaaaaan/ this is not a game/ stop playing wit me/ alive city tray, time to live it up/ they shootin, we movin/ call it blessin up/ quit wit all that extra stuff/ we know God is the message bruh/ just confess it cuz/ when he cracks the sky/ won’t matter how you think you fly/ you’ll be outta time/ can’t buy it back/ I hear all the hatin, roger thaaaaaaat/

They ask, why I go so hard/ I tell em I don’t have a choice/ time is runnin out/ so I’ll be the one to pay the price/ off the top rope elbow drops, winnin souls for Christ/

Where were you, when I was down and out/ that’s right, nowhere to be found/ so don’t act like, I’m not where I’m posed to be/ and don’t act like now you know me/ I have all these kids and lookin to me/ not kosher to you/ it’s important to me/ I’m not fixin to leave/ rolled up my sleeves/ put em all on my back/ now we runnin like meets/ can’t change, if you don’t change bruh/ we ain’t cut from the same cloth/ now pick up yo dang cross/ only for today/ cuz, tomorrow we take off/ that’s what it is/ no secret mission/ just know Imma praise God/ this just isn’t for me / you can get free/ so leap out with an elbow drop/

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