Right Relationships

Words are powerful. What the world says about who you are can impact how you see yourself. Even the way you talk to yourself can make a difference in how you see yourself – and that can influence the choices you make in life. It’s like this… Over time, if someone continually calls you a […]

Randy Savage – Official Audio

I’m off the top rope/ you can call it Randy savage/ I’m off the top rope/ you can call me Randy savage/ I’m of the top/ I’m off the top/ I’m off the top, like macho man/ I’m off the top rope/ you can call it Randy savage/ I’m off the top, call it macho […]

Bobby Jones Speaking to Middle School Students

Speaking to Over 2000 Middle and High School Students In Minnesota

My speaking schedule recently took me to The Gopher State (Minnesota) to speak at Discovery Middle School and Alexandria Area High School. My days of playing football put me in front of some large audiences – speaking to over 2000 middle schoolers and high schoolers was an opportunity to make an impact unlike anything I ever experienced during my playing days. It is an opportunity I do not take for granted.

Looking Past Your Past

We have all done things in our lifetime that we are not proud of. I know I have my fair share of regrets. In fact, this is true of most people I know that have struggled with addiction. If you would have told many of us that we’d be remembered by some of our bad […]

Why Self-Worth Matters

Sunday, April 27, 2008, is a day I’ll never forget. I remember sitting on an uncomfortable couch in a small income-based apartment in Brookings, South Dakota feeling devastated. The 29th consecutive NFL draft had just ended and taken my dreams of being a professional athlete with it. I was a standout Division I athlete at […]