Angry Student Interrupts Assembly

Story of a Boy who Interrupted the Whole Assembly The whole room was silent when he stood up. It felt as if everyone’s breath had stopped. He lashed out in anger towards the speaker at the front of the room… “Everyone goes through this. Why are you even here? You’re no different than the people […]

5 Things to Look For When Booking a School Assembly

School administrators have plenty of people asking for their time, attention, and budget money. There are school assembly programing emails you open up and you think, “I don’t have time for this,” or, “Ugh, this just isn’t for us.” It is important for you to: Spend your money well. Further advance the education and development […]

Making Little Commitments

Making the decision to change can be hard. But what trips people up most is knowing how to go about making changes that will have a big impact but will also last. I remember that feeling. Coming out of treatment I felt like I’d been struggling for so long. I’d been doing the same thing […]

Identity Problem

What we think about ourselves can – and does – play a large part in everything we do. Identity is important because in a lot of ways it influences how we live. Identity is who we were created to be. It’s what sets us apart from others and includes the qualities, beliefs, personality, and expressions […]

Don’t Lose Your Voice

Everyone has a voice. Technically, our voice is the sound that comes out when we open our mouths to speak or sing. But, what do people mean when they say we all “have a voice?” “Having a voice” may mean different things to different people. For some people, it can mean being true to what […]