Making Little Commitments

Making the decision to change can be hard. But what trips people up most is knowing how to go about making changes that will have a big impact but will also last. I remember that feeling. Coming out of treatment I felt like I’d been struggling for so long. I’d been doing the same thing […]

Identity Problem

What we think about ourselves can – and does – play a large part in everything we do. Identity is important because in a lot of ways it influences how we live. Identity is who we were created to be. It’s what sets us apart from others and includes the qualities, beliefs, personality, and expressions […]

Don’t Lose Your Voice

Everyone has a voice. Technically, our voice is the sound that comes out when we open our mouths to speak or sing. But, what do people mean when they say we all “have a voice?” “Having a voice” may mean different things to different people. For some people, it can mean being true to what […]

Right Relationships

Words are powerful. What the world says about who you are can impact how you see yourself. Even the way you talk to yourself can make a difference in how you see yourself – and that can influence the choices you make in life. It’s like this… Over time, if someone continually calls you a […]

Randy Savage – Official Audio

I’m off the top rope/ you can call it Randy savage/ I’m off the top rope/ you can call me Randy savage/ I’m of the top/ I’m off the top/ I’m off the top, like macho man/ I’m off the top rope/ you can call it Randy savage/ I’m off the top, call it macho […]